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A downloadable game for Windows

Help Ladd Din search through a pyramid cave to find the Golden Lamp, beat Genie at Blackjack, and bring it back to Master to collect that 10,000 G reward he's promised.

  • Manage your lantern oil as you crawl through the mazes.
  • Decide how much extra treasure you're willing to carry as you proceed.
  • Hang out with Genie and play Blackjack.
  • Perhaps find the secret ending.


Created for Indie Game Maker Contest 2017 #IGMC2017


Movement | Arrow Keys | Num Pad
Action | Enter | Space Bar
Cancel | x | Esc | Num Pad 0
Menu | x | Esc | Num Pad 0
Dash | Movement + Shift
Fullscreen | F4

Movement | Click destination x2
Action | Click target
Cancel | Right Click
Menu | Right Click


Fueled by pizza and curry rice over the course of a month, I tried to play around and learn as much as possible. This game came about after ditching seven or so other false starts. The last ditched game this idea was created from had essentially come down to sitting around on couches playing chill mini-games. The pink and blue couches from the Arabian Nights resource pack mixed with the sounds from the Festival of Light Japanese resource pack and thus Ladd Din came from the final "do this one now or you won't make the deadline at all" moment on the 30th.

So in summary, that Humble RPG Maker Software Bundle gave me and my sister nearly a month of fun, hey, let's try to do this thing craziness. Maybe we'll keep going under different self-imposed deadlines. A million thanks to the RPG Maker community for all their plugins, tutorials, resources, help, wacky encouraging contests, tweets, etc.

Hooray! Time to go sit around on couches and chill.

Install instructions

1.  Download the LaddDin zip file.

2. Extract the zip file's LaddDin folder.

3. Click (or double click) the Game.exe application and the game should automatically start.


Download 380 MB

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